Friday, July 1, 2011

the new AUDI R8 gt,really make you confidence?

         the new audu R8 gt ,is really fantastic car, good desain and futuristic mode make the car be the favourite car after all.
preview sketches released in April, the 2012 audi r8GT  has now surfaced in the metal along with a more fleshed-out spec sheet.

      This limited-production ultra-performance ,acctually r8 mode is cool sedan desain for young man,or bussines man which is crowned by a power activated soft top that features a separate extendable glass rear window and can be cycled in just 18 seconds at speeds up to 32 mph.

      1.90 metres wide but just 4.43 metres long and 1.25 metres high:
these are the proportions of a true sports car. The 2.65-metre wheelbase offers room for the astonishingly spacious cabin and the longitudinally mounted engine behind it

      Behind the doors, a large-surface 'sideblade' air deflector sweeps between the wheel arch and the roof section, delivering air for the V8 to breathe as well as for cooling motor engine.
.,now we can try to drive the comfortable and the cool car that can make our confidence,,, are you ready man???

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