Saturday, July 2, 2011

lexus RX 350,the favourite and the best seller,?

     Lexus rx 350 is the best and the favourite car,in hight class compact car lexus also win in selling 2011 in indonesia,
    The luxury lexus are the best performance SUV car,with good desain of the interior and comfortable air suspension system.011 Lexus RX has a cabin that provides everything Lexus is known for: luxury, high-tech features and interior  Reviewers are particularly impressed with how easy the high-tech features are to learn and how comfortable even the back seats are.

    Still, buyers will have to shell out thousands of dollars to get the optional features that bring the RX’s cabin from luxurious to opulent.
the performance RX was a pleasant driver, but the 2010 RX has noticeably improved thanks to new electric power steering and a more sophisticated double-wishbone rear suspension system,, in indonesia lexus are good in selling and most of people is really nice for driving it,,,

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