Sunday, July 10, 2011

FORD F-650 truck 2011 the biggest and strongest.REVIEW??

     FORD F-650 truck 2011 the biggest and strongest.  one of the largest and most powerful truck, ford manufacturer is now launching the F-650.dengan various features offered by a truck that is very futuristic.,
     In order to reach the market in 2011 is now the Ford F-F650 has been launched. This bad news was made to take only the largest of its misuse. Tested by Ford engineers to withstand the cold south pole,
     From the aspect of the F-650 engine comes with various features The highly awaited by Ford in dunia.Ford Users will to hit a high building assistance from 6R140 infection six-speed that is currently changing appurtenanceses as 7.6-liter diesel. 

      As gas-powered F-650 achieve savings by $ 8,000 monetary value was significant, as the intersection in anticipation of evaluation fomite Gross Weight 30,000 Max Combined beats and evaluation of £ 33,000 gross. The 8.6-liter V10-F-650 packs will be made up in a jiff available in 2012.
      In the interior, no less attractive F650, 2011 Ford F650 with Jerr-New style and 21rrsb 21 '£ 10,000 deck. Diamond deck arise, 2-48 "toolboxes for ease in putting tools equipment, new designs 6x6 cross members.

      The new roll formed edges for a clean look and welds less, LED lightbar, wheel lift 3000 pounds with trailer hitch mount plate, 19.5 wheels and tires with wheel simulators, Allison auto trans, cruise control on steering wheel, air compressor, hot shift PTO, clean, finished look with a built in switch is not a big switch panel, steel bracket, mirror not plastic, reliable Cummins diesel-electric, 240 hp , at 650 New interior styling is much cleaner and looks comfortable, overall truck is great for adventure and style.

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