Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ford Edge 2011, the latest from FORD CROSSOVER "REVIEWS?

       Ford Edge 2011, the latest from FORD CROSSOVER "you seem to have been waiting for a compact car and adventurous, now Ford launched the latest variant CROSSOVER NEW FORD EDGE" is designed with a dynamic blend of SUV and MPV compact, 
     In terms of designs created for FORD EDGE fight with nissan juke, or a new Honda CRV, but manufacturers believe that  FORD will be able to penetrate the global cars market.
      FORD engine in terms of not less than its competitors carrying the three volumes of the engine, ie V6 3500 cc, 3700 cc V6, and 2,000 cc for sports classes.
All types of devices have been equipped with turbocharger and direct injection EcoBoost. Thanks to the device, the usage rate would be more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

       Test results Environmental Protection Agency (Environmental Protection Agency / EPA) United States calls, 3500 cc V6 engine consumes one liter to 8.1 kilometers (km) in city streets and a liter to 11.5 km on the highway.

      The FORD interior design is not less sophisticated,, to maintain the comfort and safety in driving this car is equipped with luxury features such as electronic devices from Japan, Sony Corporation, to work on a video audio equipment in the interior. Sony also designed a center console that crossover.

      Another feature is, the secure code, keyless entry, blind spot mirrors, adaptive cruise control. Besides Ford also equip the car with warning devices as the car has the potential to hit or run over.
Launch of Ford Edge 2011 is planned to be done at the end of August.

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