Tuesday, July 5, 2011

David Guetta SILVER CARS (SEDAN), hit a road divider destroyerd?whether david dead?

        David Guetta friend's car is silver colored, from the picture above we know that the car type cople or sedan, which is obviously true if the car was traveling at 95 miles per hour,sedan rolled several times and causes david lose control and crashed into it can be concluded David was killed, 
       Some investigators claim david under influence,and test reply {Toxicology tests }will be performed to determine whether he was driving under the influence,
      however initial findings indicate that durgs or alcohol did not contribute in any way to this accident as it was more likely to been caused by road conditions.

        While the silver-colored sedan was still under investigation police 'with news david declared dead, a warning for his death is still closed because allegedly the head of david suffered heavy injuries..
in this event is very traumatic gueeta david fans and many of them wept.

       The following is a profile of David guetta.dia was born on 7 November 1967. he was born in the French and raised by his father who worked as a businessman named chaty restauran.
        he have wife and his brother natalhie Guetta atas.david board famous actress since her album just little more love, until now also as a musician dj preferred among the young.

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