Thursday, July 14, 2011

C-Max new hybrid is claimed is much more economical than the Ford Fusion hybrid

   C-Max new hybrid is claimed is much more economical than the Ford Fusion hybrid  .With preparation to achieve economical and environmentally friendly cars is now a hybrid C-Max was launched with a strong performance and very economical even in the claims can be more efficient than the new ford fusion.
     During this time known as the Ford Fusion hybrid sedan with the most economical fuel consumption of 17.43 km / liter. C-Max hybrid believed to be more efficient because it can run using only electric power at a speed of 75 km / h means saving more than 5% of fuels including fuel oil.
     Ford chose Lithium-ion batteries to become a mainstay of the C-Max hybrid. Li-ion batteries have several advantages when using NiMH batteries. Li-ion battery 25-30% smaller and lighter than NiMH up to 50% of NiMH.inilah latest is a mainstay of the system adopted during the C-Max are a new hybrid.
     Ford will assemble the C-Max hybrid in Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan, along with the Ford Focus, Ford Focus Electric, and Ford C-Max Energy. Ford C-Max hybrid will be marketed in North America from 2012 and in Europe 2013.
     Ford C-Max Ford Focus Electric Energy and will become a mainstay of Ford's North American International Auto Show 2011 with the Ford C-Max hybrid that will soon be launched

    Ford C-Max Energy and cars were plug-ins in general have several advantages. He can reduce dependence on fossil fuels, reducing exhaust emissions, more than alleviate pockets of hybrid cars, emissions-free and quiet when driving in the city, increasing the use of electricity via renewable energy sources (wind and solar) to fill the batteries..

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