Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Alfa Romeo Spider 2011. new REVIEWS "

      2011 Alfa Romeo Spider was introduced by FPT engine with 200 bhp 1750 TBI has been introduced by Alfa Romeo in England.Carrying two new engines manufactured by Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT), Showing content unique colors including black matt titanium exterior as an elegant design support and futuristic.

       Have you ever think to buy a car that was sophisticated and sporty sedan form? I think you can choose the Alfa Romeo Spider for high-class sedan and is designed for the elite and the lovers of sporty sedans.

       Alfa Romeo Spider in the design perfectly summarizes the characteristics most synonymous with Alfa Romeo, very sporty and elegant, and now with the latest in engine efficiency and environmentally friendly because it uses a compact machine.Alfa romeo show all the power of a sedan that will deliver the Alfa Romeo Spider toward competition sedan in the era of 2012 mendatang.Diprediksi this car will compete with rivals such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, mitsubishi ,mazda,Ford and Jaguar. 
        Now it's time we talked about performance of the machine that carried by the Alfa Romeo engine spiders 2011.Desain robust and economical fuel to make this car into one of the popular sedan cars Alfa Romeo introduced later this month., Carrying a machine with a new 16-valve, overhead camshaft duration is perfect. twin 1742 cc petrol engine promises good fuel efficiency., along with CO2 emissions are much lower, so the car is claimed to be environmentally friendly cars.
     With a sharp design of the engine, the Alfa Romeo Spider is capable of producing a maximum torque of 1400 rpm - slightly more than tickover speed - with a maximum power developed between 4750 and 5500 rpm.The great torque for a new sedan brings .Performance of ratio gear box with automatic gear acceleration that this car accelerates like a car sport.You can feel comfortable driving with a machine that has a cc is quite large and fuel-efficient, all there on the Alfa Romeo Spider 2011. 

       Features The Alfa Romeo Spider has pretty good like: Pieno Fiore leather upholstery with a sporty design and color, heated seats, fog lights for the lights within a certain range, electric folding roof, chrome roll bar that makes getting trendy interior design, air conditioning, automatic dual -zone climate control for climate adjustment, cruise control.

       Hands-free Bluetooth connectivity that makes you more and be pampered in your phone to connect. and six-speaker stereo with CD player. Internally, this car offers a sporty black leather bound steering wheel and gear button with red stitching, carbon fiber trim inserts, head of Italy Independent branded upholstery, aluminum sport pedals and foot rest, and high-tech radio / sat-nav sytem with Blue & Me ™. Power steering wheel, dash board a luxurious design, mirrors automatic control and automatic power windows.

     The 2011 Alfa Romeo Spider is on sale now at a recommended retail price of $69,980 .

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