Wednesday, June 29, 2011

LEXUS RX350 2010 the perfect car REVIEWS"

       LEXUS RX350 2010 the perfect car ,Finnaly lexus motor crp launching a new variant car LEXUS rx 350,,really comfortable car,with elegant desain and compact interior desain..great SUV
,,luxury type and good acceleration .rx 350 desain for win in 2011 Lexus RX 350 returns essentially unchanged, and that's a good thing.

       With this crossover you get pretty much everything Lexus is typically known for, including a class-leading interior that surrounds passengers with top-notch fabrics, leathers and rich wood .
It's also exceptionally on the freeway and has a ride as smooth as Barry White's voice.
For power, the RX 350 has a 275-horsepower V6 that provides snappy acceleration.know the good car most people like for this car...and we can say the perfect CAR.

      This is a summary of the specifications LEXUS RX350 , Engine: 6 3.5LV dual overhead cams with VVT 10.8: 1 compression ratio; four valves per cylinder, it is this which makes lexus fact economical fuel consumption Fuel consumption: City = 18 (mpg) highway = 25 (mpg) combined = 22 (mpg); vehicle range: 403 miles,otherwise it is no less interesting car is equipped Multi-point injection fuel system and 19.2 gallon fuel tank.

      The driver and front passenger seat in the Sports Luxury, and the driver's seat in the Prestige and Sports, feature power adjustment options and three memory settings, which allow you to recall your preferred seat position. In addition,
      The driver can control the exterior mirror and steering column position at the touch of a button.

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